Task Force Come Closer to Disability

The Come CloSeR to Disability Task Force is a group set up after the 2016 edition of the Come CloSeR Show on the basis of the “Business Closer to Disability” declaration signed back then.

The group includes representatives of a dozen or so international companies and independent experts specialising in issues related to diversity and disability.

The Task Force has developed a guidebook entitled The Accessible Company in an Accessible Environment which offers some tips for enterprises on how to effectively implement in practice the process of including persons with various disabilities in employee teams that benefits them, the companies and society. The publication is going to be announced during the 2017 edition of the Come CloSeR Show.

The Task Force holds its meetings in various companies across Poland, with the events offering ample opportunities to talk with other people in companies involved in CSR- or HR-related processes. The Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL) offers its patronage of those meetings.

Members of the Come CloSeR to Disability Task Force:

Task Force Portraits: Agnieszka Sznajder, Anna Wandzel, Dorota Piotrowska, Ireneusz Białek, Justyna Cuże, Karolina Długosz, Katarzyna Szczudlińska-Urban, Konrad Rychlewski, Magdalena Sorówka, Małgorzata Perdeus-Białek, Monika Jankowska-Rangelov, Monika Sztandera, Nina Kaczmarczyk, Ognyan Rangelov, Beata Markowska


The following persons have also taken part in the work of the Task Force:
Radosław Krasowski of Geoban,
Katarzyna Świątek of ING,
Aleksandra Wojciechowska-Długopolska of Google.
We thank you all for your contribution and commitment shown during the meetings.



Members of the Task Force Come Closer to Disability group

Members of the Task Force Come Closer to Disability group present on meeting in Poznań (March 2017), from the left: Konrad Rychlewski, Google; Karolina Długosz, Capgemini; Katarzyna Duraj-Per, MOFFIN; Katarzyna Szczudlińska-Urban, Roche; Monika Sztandera, HP; Dorota Piotrowska, Job Group; Ireneusz Białek, MOFFIN; Magdalena Sorówka, IKEA BSC; Nina Kaczmarczyk, Cisco; Agnieszka Sznajder, external expert; Justyna Cuże, external expert; Anna Wandzel, external expert; Małgorzata Perdeus-Białek, MOFFIN.


Electronic publication of "The accessible company in an accesible environment" guide

Discover “The Accessible Company in an Accessible Environment” guide as an e-book.

Guidebook “The Accessible Company in an Accessible Environment is under Creative Commons 3.0 licence.

Guidebooks release took place at Come CloSeR Show 2017.

Partners in publication:

Logos of: ABSL, Capgemini, Cisco, Google, Grupa Job, HP, IKEA, Roche